Wednesday, August 24, 2022

IBS 57 In Conclusion...

Big Idea: A review of Inductive Bible Study and the subjects covered in Diane’s blog post series.

In Conclusion…

This series called Practical Starter Guide for Inductive Bible Study is not a quick guide. I started it over a year ago! I hope it has been practical and helpful. Inductive Bible study is not fast food. It is more like the Crockpot with a juicy roast on a ten hour setting. Inductive Bible Study takes time. One revisits the passage again and again, reading it slowly and looking for key words and themes. After some careful, prayerful interpretation, one applies what was studied to his or her everyday life.

We have covered the three stages of Inductive Bible Study. 1.) Observation, 2.) Interpretation and 3.) Application. Here is an outline of the entire series subjects with links. Let me know if any of the links don't work!


Practical Starter Guide
The Context is Key
Book Overview
Best Translation for Inductive Study
Clean Bible Study

Part 1: Observation

Seeing Words
Investigative Reporter
Mark Up you Bibles
Identifying God
Marking Key Words
Comparisons and Contrasts
The Chapter Theme

Part 2: Interpretation

The ABCs of Interpretation
That’s Really what It Said
Resources in your Study Bible
What is a Word Study?
How to Use Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance
Word Study Using Blue Letter Bible
Scripture Interprets Scripture
Maps, Timelines and Charts
Age to Age
Strange Verses: writing styles in the Bible
Unraveling Figures of Speech
What Does “Timeless Truth” Mean?
Timeless Truth Made Easier

Part 3: Application

The “So What” Factor
Bible Application Menu
A-P-P-L-Y the Bible
Never Ask This Question!
Struggling to Ask the Right Questions
Honest to God
Practice, Practice, Practice!
Ten Practical Ways to Apply God’s Word
Trust and Obey

A supplement showing how to make your own Bible Passage Worksheet will follow. A PDF ebook will be coming in the future.

This post is fifty-seventh and the conclusion in a series as a Practical Starter Guide for Inductive Bible Study.

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1. Have you done Inductive Bible Study before or tried it with this series?How well did it work for you as a Bible Study method?

2. Do you believe it is important to learn to study the Bible on your own, rather than just reading devotionals and commentaries? Why or why not?

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