Thursday, March 19, 2020

An Introduction

Update on Aug 1, 2020. This entry tells how this blog page started and why. The concept has evolved since then and the name changed from Scripture Snapshot, as only the video blog, to Scripture Spy, most often a written blog. 

Welcome to my blog page! Due to the isolation for Covid 19, I decided to encourage the ladies in my Wednesday morning Bible study (Digging in the Bible) with encouragement during this time of isolation. I started a Facebook page of video blogs. Time to time you will find a written word.

Video Podcast: Scripture Snapshot

One verse in five minutes or less each posting, often on Wednesday. I've been leading a study on the book of Hebrews so that is my starting point.

Facebook: Scripture Snapshot

Diane holding camera

Blog: Digging in the Bible

The Bible sheds a lot of light to the issues of life and the inner workings of our soul. I have a teacher's heart that desires to give out meaty insights, clear information and tools for our everyday life.

Previous devotional blogs

Paths of Light Photography

I established a Facebook page Paths of Light Photography back in 2012, named after a favorite hymn I learned as a child, "Stepping in the Light." The refrain ends with, "Led in Paths of Light." In photography, it's all about the light! Isn't that true for our lives too, especially our spiritual walk with God.

Believe in the light while you have the light, so that you may become children of light.” John 12:36 (NIV)

Facebook: Paths of Light Photography
An older photo travel blog

Scripture Spy

I love God's Word. Since I was a little girl I was taught to memorize verses, and I went to many Sunday School classes, youth seminars, and so on. In college, I got involved with Intervasity Christian Fellowshio and learned all about the induction method of Bible study. A couple years later in seminary as I learned all about Biblical background and theologial wrestling, it astounded me that inductive Bible study was not really a foundation there. But the tools I was gathering in Seminary were invaluable to me. I spent a ten year time span as a missionary in West Africa and taught some classes on the Bible at a pastoral training center. There I honed skills of applying the Bible culture to a culture completely different from my own. It was imperative that I could make God's Word relavant to that population.

Over the years, if you'd attend one of my classes or Bible studies, you would discover that I love digging deep into the Word of God, and place a high value of understanding Biblical culture in it's context. I am most delighted when I can shed new light on a verse that applies to the needs of our daily life. Because of this desire, I sought to find a good moniker for this webpage. Something that would be easy to remember, and describe the kind of Bible teacher that I am. "Paths of Light" had numerous other pages, often with a new age twist. "Digging in the Bible" is also used in several other places. "Scripture Detective." Hmmm. Also used by several others. So that is how the title "Scripture Spy" was born. This is who I am. I am an information junkie. I search, I dig, I put timelines together. I get the lay of Biblical lands in their time. I hope my findings will be of great insight and comfort for your own context!

I hope you will join me in the search through the scriptures!