Wednesday, March 23, 2022

IBS-35 Ten Practical Ways to Apply God's Word

The Big Idea: A few suggestions how to put into practice using the Bible in the issues of daily life.

Has a verse in a Bible passage ever hit exactly where you need it? The Bible is like that! Ready to apply that thought to your life is not so easy.  Like it is easy to make a New Year’s Resolution and forget it in a week, it is difficult to change our habits, not usually because it is too hard. Often it is because our cluttered life crowds in and we just forget or get off track without even noticing.

The Bible is amazing. Attending a Bible study you may discover the passage is talking about something you need right now! The Holy Spirit is remarkable, simultaneously working in each person with you at the Bible study, bringing the truth home to each one. It is supernaturally uncanny!

Let’s not squander these valuable nuggets in God’s Word. Apply them! Here are a couple of suggestions. 

Ten Practical Ways to Apply God's Word

1. Identify a key verse, or key phrase that speaks to your circumstance in a passage.

2. Write that verse on a sticky note or piece of paper that day. Note it on your calendar or planner.

3. Consider memorizing the verse the coming week, or attach a phrase in the verse to your memory.

4. Make multiple sticky notes or reminders of that verse or phrase and post them where you usually linger. For instance, on the bathroom mirror, atop your computer screen, on your car’s steering column or odometer, etc.

5. Visualize how that verse is useful in a specific situation in your life. Intend to remember when you find yourself in that setting. Play it out in your mind telling yourself it is God’s Word to YOU right now.

6. Consider specific ways this verse applies. Be intentional and specific in applying it.

7. Pray about applying this, asking God to prompt you and guide you when necessary.

8. If this is helpful, gather other similar verses, or find a worship chorus that reinforces it. Use the Word of God to flood your mind with this particular truth.

9. Share what you are trying to do with someone else. Verbalizing it helps solidify it in your mind. Ask the friend to check in with you how it is working. Consider them to be an accountability partner.

10. Put a note in your calendar for a week or a month to check back with yourself how it is working for you.

May you discover that the Lord is our helper in very practical ways when we lean on His Word and trust in Him! He is faithful!


This post is thirty-fifth in a series as a Practical Starter Guide for Inductive Bible Study. 

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1. What is a verse from the Bible that you find helpful. Perhaps it is as simple as Ephesians 4:32a “Be kind and compassionate to one another.”

2. Reflect and imagine a situation in your life right now in which that verse can influence and guide you . 

3. Pray to the Lord for help this week. Allow Him to apply His Word to your life. 

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