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My Favorite Bible Tools Come From Rose Publishing

Big Idea: Explore the many helpful colorful Bible tools from Rose Publishing.

My Favorite Bible Tools Come From Rose Publishing

“I like books with pictures,” I told my Bible study class. I was using a pamphlet on the Tabernacle for a study of the book of Exodus. More information was in a big book I showed them from Rose Publishing.

Different people learn using different parts of the brain. I am definitely a visual learner!

This is why I love Rose Publishing so much!

About 10 years ago a Bible study I led thanked me with a $20 gift certificate to a local Bible Bookstore. As I wandered around like a kid in a candy store, my eyes fell upon a spiral bound book, Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps and Timelines. I got that and have referred to it often.

What makes Rose Publishing so useful?

Maps Charts and Timelines

Rose Publishing does maps, charts and timelines exceptionally well. They are easy-to-read and accurate. They have helpful information. The information is accurate and Biblically sound. It is also practical, helpful stuff.

They show comparisons, such as their Maps of Israel Then and Now. They have giant wall charts for an office or classroom.

Overviews of Information

Rose takes big information and breaks it down into easily recognizable categories that get fleshed out. They cover lists from the Bible like the Twelve Disciples, the Feasts of the Bible, what’s in the tabernacle and then the temple, the Armor of God and so on.

Rose provides helpful comparisons. They have a chart comparing the different Bible translations. They have a whole DVD series/powerpoint and book about 4 different Christian views on the end times. They compare Ancient Israel with Israel today.

Rose presents great overviews. I have taught a Sunday School class on the Bible Overview, using their book and powerpoint of the same name. It breaks down by sections of the Bible showing the theme, outline, key verses, connection to Jesus and usefulness for believers.

This spring I am going to use that same Bible Overview to teach a 7 week rapid overview of the Bible in a community education program for senior adults.

They also show overviews of prophesy throughout the Bible. How the Bible fits chronologically. The names of God in the Bible as a whole. Church history and Bible history overview.

Seeing how the Bible ties together and how the storyline is consistent is a very valuable thing for us to grasp. Rose Publishing tools show that.  

Various formats

With various formats come various prices and various levels of depth.

Pamphlets are a visual way to view a topic with a bird’s eye view. They contain a lot of detail with charts and illustrations succinctly presented.

They are laminated so you can refer to them over and over. They are thin enough to use as a bookmark in your Bible.

Pamphlets are the cheapest item to buy on a topic. They are usually $4.99 but they are periodically 50% off.

Topic examples

Powerpoint and ebooks.  This source is a Bible Study leader’s dream. The many powerpoint presentations come ready to teach. They are not made into lesson by lesson so you can break them up as you need them.

They are also a very easy way to go slide by slide through information if you like to learn on your own.

Most of the powerpoints have a pamphlet and an ebook, and/or paperback, that you can buy to dig more deeply into the subject.

Many of these cover books of the Bible or Christian History topics

Cost: Most powerpoints are $39.99. Periodically they have a 50% off special so I have a wish list I keep to snatch one when it is on sale.

Examples of powerpoint lessons – (many of the above pamphlets are also available as powerpoint).
There is a lot more available! Just take a look at their website or punch in Rose Publishing at Amazon or CBD.

Wall Maps and Charts

Rose Publishing has some fantastic tools for the office or classroom.  The regular price for them is $14.99.  For instance it has a 10 foot chart of world and church history. 

For instance:

Ten Foot World and Church History Timeline  currently $14.99 at Hendrickson/Rose
Jesus and the Apostles
Holy Land Then and Now Relief Map
Exodus Wall Map
Paul's Journeys Then and Now Wall Map

FREE stuff

You KNOW how much I appreciate free stuff! 

I became so aware of all their resources by getting on their email list.  They immediately send you 15 free echarts.  They then send you free charts periodically. 

Here is a screenshot of their deal currently. I kept getting them for 3 years and only recently unsubscribed because I own a number of resources now.

It includes sale notifications time to time for up to 50% off in various categories, free shipping days, and so on. I was able to try them and see for myself that their charts and additional resources are helpful.

I personally don’t use children’s material but they also have resources for children. A popular series is about Instant Bible Lessons for. Toddlers, Preschoolers and Preteens.

The Word of God Always Comes First!

There are many great Bible tools around! Just be sure studying them does not replace the primary importance of the Bible! The Word of God always comes first!

This series is about Bible study tools. There are many types of Bibles and helpful resources like a concordance or Bible dictionary. Information about their book and their electronic version are included. Cost and “how to use” are addressed.


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1. How do you learn best? Do you like to read and listen to lectures, learn through videos or images, is participation or hands on most effective for you? 

2. Check out Rose Publishing pamphlets. Do you think the Rose resources might have something for you?

(I have not monitized my site and get nothing from Rose Publishing for featuring their stuff!)

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Soup to Nuts II: Bible Dictionary Series

Big Idea: Helpful Bible Dictionary SERIES available from several excellent publishers.

This series is about Bible study tools. There are many types of Bibles and helpful resources like a concordance or Bible dictionary. Information about their book and their electronic version are included. Cost and “how to use” will be addressed.

Soup to Nuts II

Bible Dictionaries are very helpful tools for those who want to better understand the Bible.

Several well known Christian Publishers have put together a series of them. Most are affordable as a single book and you can buy one or two or the whole set. Most are available as hardbook, paperback and kindle.

Many Bible tools are available if you know where to look!


The Essential Bible Companion Series. Very colorful books with lots of maps and charts. All written since 2009 by well known scholars. All 6 bundled by Amazon on the kindle for $55.94

· The Essential Bible Companion: Key Insights for Reading God's Word
· The Essential Bible Companion to the Psalms: Key Insights for Reading God’s Word
· Zondervan Essential Atlas of the Bible
· The Essential Companion to Life in Bible Times: Key Insights for Reading God's Word
· The Essential Bible Dictionary: Key Insights for Reading God's Word
· Zondervan Essential Companion to Christian History

Thomas Nelson

 A to Z Series. These 8 books are useful dictionaries, and other types of Bible tools. Easy for a novice to use and also for the seasoned Bible reader. Currently available as a kindle set for $75.44

· Where to Find It In The Bible (Topical index)
· I Never Knew That Was in the Bible (Common expressions and curious words)
· Find it Fast in the Bible (Chapter and Verse locations of key expressions in the Bible)
· So That’s What it Means! The Ultimate A-Z (Contextuali
zed definitions of technical Bible terms)
· The A-Z Guide to the Catholic Faith
· Find What You Believe (People places, theological concepts and biblical principles)
· All the Names in the Bible
· What does the Bible Say About… (Many modern subjects have applical Bible passages given)

Holman Bible Publishers

Ultimate Guide Series. These 7 books have extremely helpful about the big picture of the Bible, key terms, Bible times, an Atlas, etc. All published since 2018. Kindle price for the full series $39.51.

· Ultimate Bible Guide: A Complete Walk-through of all 66 Books of the Bible/Photos Maps Charts Timelines
· Ultimate Guide to Jesus: A Visual Retelling of the Life of Jesus
· Ultimate Bible Dictionary: A Quick and Concise Guide to the People, Places, Objects and Events in the Bible
· Ultimate Guide to Defend Your Faith: A Complete Walk Through of All 66 Books of the Bible/Photos/Maps/Charts/Timelines.
· Ultimate Bible Atlas: Hundreds of Full-Color Photos, Maps, Charts and Reconstructions of the Bible Lands.
· Ultimate Guide to the Holy Land: Hundreds of Full-Color Photos, Maps, Charts, and Reconstructions of the Bible Lands.
· Ultimate Guide to Heaven and Hell.

InterVarsity Press Academic 

The IVP Bible Dictionary Series. This 8 Dictionary Series is a celebrated scholarly work of the Bible. Each Volume is around 1000 pages and expensive ranging from $40-80 at Amazon. It is for the serious student of the Bible, pastors and teachers. Published between 1998 to 2024.

· Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch
· Dictionary of the Old Testament: Historical Books
· Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings
· Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets
· Dictionary of the New Testament Background
· Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels
· Dictionary of Paul and His Letters: A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship
· Dictionary of the Later New Testament and its Developments

The Word of God always comes first!

There are many great Bible tools around! Just be sure studying them does not replace the primary importance of the Bible! The Word of God always comes first!


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Meditate today on these verses from the book of Proverbs:

Instruct the wise, and they will be even wiser. Teach the righteous, and they will learn even more.
Fear of the Lord is the foundation of wisdom. Knowledge of the Holy One results in good judgment. Wisdom will multiply your days. Proverbs 9:9-10 NLT

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Soup to Nuts: Topical Bible Dictionaries

Big Idea: Explore Bible Dictionaries available by topics which are in particular for people, places, cultures and Biblical words.

This series is about Bible study tools. There are many types of Bibles and helpful resources like a concordance or Bible dictionary. Information about their book and their electronic version are included. Cost and “how to use” will be addressed.

Soup to Nuts

Working as a nurse in New York City, a snack shop near the hospital was called “Soup to Nuts.”

The phrase originated referring to a classy full-course meal starting with soup and ending with fruit, cheese and nuts.

Bible Dictionaries run the full gamut of subjects listing every imaginable item in the Bible.

There are numerous topics, but the largest categories are about people, places, culture in Bible times and Biblical words used. 

Often people and places are combined. Next week we will look at Bible Dictionary Series that are topical from various publishers. 

Bible Word dictionaries for theological words and original languages will be coming up too.

A quick note on Publishers

A number of Bible tools are published by a group or team of authors, or a featured Bible writer. Knowing the publisher can give an idea of the reliability in tune with what you and your church believe.  I tend to lean on the following publishers. 

Bible believing conservative publishing houses with excellent materials which are easy to use include:

Bible Dictionaries of People


As a woman I have made great use of the Dictionaries about the women of the Bible.

My father owned the classic All of the Women of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer. It gave me great interest as a young girl.   Amazon (currently $15)   CBD (currently $13.49)

All the Women of the Bible by Edith Deen   Amazon (currently $15)   CBD (currently $13)


Herbert Lockyer wrote All the Men of the Bible.     Amazon (currently $16.61)   CBD (currently $22.41)
A compilation of both of Lockyer’s books All the Men… and All the Women is available in one book. Amazon (currently $17)   CBD (currently $18)

He also wrote All the Prayers of the Bible and All the Promises of the Bible, All the Miracles of the Bible, All the Parables of the Bible, etc. some of which are available in one volume or set. 

All the People in the Bible: An A-Z Guide to the Saints, Scoundrels, and Other Characters in Scripture, Richard Losch. Amazon (currently $35)   CBD (currently $43.65)

Best Value: Who’s who in the Bible Made Easy by Rose Publishing, Amazon (currently $7)   CBD (currently $5.49)

Bible Dictionary of People and Places

There are few dictionaries of just places in the Bible but quite a number with people and places together.

The Most Significant People, Places and Events in the Bible by Christopher Hudson (Zondervan) is easy to use and very useful. Amazon (currently $14.48)   CBD (currently $11)

Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible by Stephen Miller (Barbour) is an excellent easy to use Dictionary. Amazon (currently $31)   

The Oxford Guide to People and Places of the Bible is a more academic but solid reliable work by the solid theologian, Bruce Metzger. Amazon (currently $25)   

The Word of God always comes first!

There are many great Bible tools around! Just be sure studying them does not replace the primary importance of the Bible! The Word of God always comes first!


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1. Who is one of your favorite Bible Characters? What do you find inspiring to your life from them? Check them out in these Bible searches online.

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"A" is for Aaron: Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias

Big Idea: Navigate your way through the Bible making use of Bible Dictionaries and Encyclopedias which define and explain what’s in the Bible.

This series is about Bible study tools. There are many types of Bibles and helpful resources like a concordance or Bible dictionary. Information about their book and their electronic version are included. Cost and “how to use” will be addressed.

"A" is for Aaron

My mom taught me the ABC song. I remember a book of mine that began, “A is for apple, B is for bear…”

Then I learned to use a dictionary for word definitions. My father sold World Book Encyclopedias for a time when he was on strike so I became familiar with encyclopedias too.

There are dictionaries for the Bible too

A Bible Dictionary defines the words used in the Bible. It tells you how it is used and often Bible references where you find it. Some write more details than others. Some include color photos and maps.

A Bible Encyclopedia has longer articles about a word or topic. Bible Encyclopedias can be multi-volumes long.

Bible words are less common

The Bible uses specific words from ancient cultures and Bible times like shekel or cubit. There are also theological words that are not used every day.

It helps to look up these words in a trusted source.

There are specific dictionaries for Bible names and places, and other special topics.

Some are specific to theological words. Some relate to Old or New Testament words and examine the original languages. 

Bible Dictionary recommendations

Zondervan Illustrated Bible Dictionary 1586 pages  (between $40-$50) – considered one of the best.
  Amazon (currently $38.20) CBD (currently $43.99)

Zondervan’s Compact Bible Dictionary  600 pages  (much cheaper ~$12) Used version even less. 
 Amazon (currently $12.99) CBD (currently $13.99)

Holman Illustrated Bible Dictionary – a little less $ than Zondervan. Excellent also 
Amazon (currently $26.99)    CBD (currently $28.99)

The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary - we have an older well used version that we got while in seminary. 
Amazon (currently $37.72)    CBD. (Currently $30.99 with a new slightly imperfect one for $24.79) Touted as a bestseller for 50 years.

Easton’s Bible Dictionary and Smith’s Bible Dictionary are two classic ones that have been around a long time. They still have a lot to offer especially the revised editions. Used ones are found quite cheaply. They can also be found free for online use. 

Excellent Bible Encyclopedias

The one I have is a 5 volume set and have cherished it since seminary days. Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible. The books are out of print. Both Amazon and CBD sell them as e-books one volume at a time, about $44 each volume. Reviews indicate it is not worth the price because to formatting is so awful. However the original version is free to use while online at Bible Gateway. See below. 

Two excellent choices are free online. The ISBE (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia) and the Zondervan Encyclopedia of the Bible.

Available for FREE online!

A Bible tools site that has many older reputable Bible references available for free. It deserves a future blog of its own. 

Bible Dictionary Multi-Source Bible Dictionary: Easton's, Smith's, SAA, ATS, Webster

Bible Encyclopedia Primarily the ISBE (International Standard Bible Encyclopedia).

A basic Bible software tool available free for anyone.

There are packets of theological books that you can add on that can get quite expensive. But the free edition includes a number of excellent tools. It too deserves a future blog of its own.

The free edition includes the Lexham Bible Dictionary which is quite robust and worthwhile.

 Bible Gateway is the main resource I use on my computer for looking up and copying Bible references. I did not know till today that there are a number of free resources available.

There is also Bible Gateway Plus that for a monthly fee includes many more resources. I do not subscribe. 

Of incredible note is the online availability of a Bible Encyclopedia 5 volume set that I bought in seminary that we have in our home. The Zondervan Pictorial Encyclopedia of the Bible, 5 Volume Set can be used online at the Bible Gateway Free Resources page.

It is really exciting that there are so many tools available online now!

If you are one who prefers the written page, there are Bible dictionaries of great value and smaller informational books you can buy to gather information on the Bible

The Word of God is ALWAYS primary!

There are many great Bible tools around! Just be sure studying them does not replace the primary importance of the Bible! The Word of God is ALWAYS primary !


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1. If you could look up anything you’re interested in in a Bible dictionary or encyclopedia what would It be?

2. Now take that and practice it with either Bible Hub or Bible, looking that up.


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The Classic Halley's Bible Handbook

Big Idea: The Classic Halley’s Bible Handbook is a powerful tool to help you navigate the Bible.

This series is about Bible study tools. There are many types of Bibles and helpful resources like a concordance or Bible dictionary. Information about their book and their electronic version are included. Cost and “how to use” will be addressed.

The Classic Halley’s Bible Handbook

On our bookshelf rests a classic that is dog-eared from use. This 5”x7” book is amazing. Over 5 million copies have been sold, and it has been translated into many languages.

I was given one when I was a teen and it went to Africa with me. My husband got his copy in high school. He says his copy was invaluable to him as a young pastor. It is missing the table of contents!

What’s the big deal?

It’s in black and white. This book has summaries, charts and maps about every book of the Bible. It explains why we should trust the Bible and backs it up with archeological evidence.

It explains the overarching story of the Bible, why Christ is central, and tells all about the Bible lands and world powers in Biblical times.

The Old and New Testament are laid out with how many there are, their categories, how they compare in length, important dates, themes and storylines and more.

There are sections on how the Bible came to be and a great summary of church history. It challenges why you should read the Bible, has Bible reading plans, and why the church should be centered on the Bible.

How old is this book?

Henry Hampton Halley (1874-1965), ordained in 1898, loved the Bible so he started memorizing it. He loved its history, its lands and its cultural background.

In 1920, climbing into the pulpit to speak at a visiting church realized he forgot all his meticulous notes at home. He started quoting Bible passages, correlating them to other passages.

It was a hit! People loved hearing how the Bible dovetails together and can be studied and understood.

In 1924 he made a sixteen page pamphlet to help people about how the Bible works. He kept revising it and adding more helpful information to it till it had over 800 pages.

After his death his family ensured his book and its revisions would continue published under Zondervan Publishing.

Being an old useful book it is easy to find old copies for a reasonable price. There are very new revisions too, and an electronic version. A free PDF of the classic book is found online.  From  That does not follow exact pages to the book we have but the content is there.

The Bible Handbook idea lives on

Today numerous Bible Handbooks are available that follow a similar format of overviews of Books of the Bible, maps, etc.

Here are a couple of good ones including Halley's. Also note Halleys is available in the classic version or an updated one which is much larger and more expensive. The Deluxe Edition is almost $50!

Halley’s Bible Handbook      Amazon       CBD

Holman Illustrated Bible Handbook      Amazon    CBD

Willmington’s Bible Handbook        Amazon    CBD

Baker Illustrated Bible Handbook     Amazon    CBD

Ultimate Bible Guide (cheapest one available)        Amazon    CBD  Sale on day of posting $6,.99

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1. Have you ever seen Halley’s Bible Handbook? Love it or bored by it? If bored give it another chance by looking through the table of content. Ask the Lord what He has for you in it.

2. Reflect on this verse:

People do not live by bread alone; rather, we live by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord. Deut 8:3b NLT