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IBS-36 Dwelling on the Word: Memorization

The Big Idea: Memorization of useful Bible verses is valuable to our Christian life for immediate recall of God’s promises and guidance.

Living by the M & M's (Memorization /Meditation)

A workbook for life. That is how I describe the Bible. I mark it up so I can find a valuable passage to remember or share with someone else for a specific circumstance. But we don’t always have a Bible with us. Clearly it is much easier to have access to the Bible now with electronic Bibles on cell phones. Still, there are times when it is better to just access a useful verse in your brain.

Bible memorization helps us remember the Word and apply the Word. It also helps us meditate better  on the Word.

Memorization is the ability to recite passages word for word. Of course knowing just the words if they mean nothing to us is pointless. It is invaluable to pull up an useful verse for a specific struggle. It may be for comfort or strength. It may be life advice as a regular reminder to follow.

Additionally it gives us the opportunity to meditate on the Word at anytime, anywhere. This is as valuable as pure gold. Imagine the traffic jam. Awaiting while gowned at the doctor’s office on a cold table. Sitting through an MRI exam or the dentist chair. These things happen. They cause anxiety. To be able to readjust our mind to God and His promises is what each of us needs at a time like that.

Five Tips for Learning to Memorize Scripture.

1. Translation choice. Choose one that speaks to you. I find the King James useful for memorization because of its unique poetic nature.

2. Repetition. Repeat phrases over and over. Have it written on your phone, your mirror, your fridge. Note the word order.

3. Look for key words to anchor the verse. As you repeat it, think of what it is saying or picture an object to help remember.

4. Make up a song or melody to help you memorize. There are also apps and some Scripture memory songs on You Tube that have ready-made verses in song.

a. This blog post from Intoxicated on life by Luke and Tricia has a link to an index of 1400 verses to song. The focus here is for children to use but I have often found my childhood songs remain fixed in my mind.

b. Google “Bible Memory by song” and you will get many hits, even with links to YouTube songs. The opportunities seem endless.

5. Use an app for this. There are two I find helpful.

a. Remember Me. This app is available for free. It has several ways you can practice remembering it, such as with progressive words disappearing, or a puzzle manner to string the right words sequentially.

b.  This app is free to download but only for the King James version. You pay to unlock other versions of the Bible.

A verse in the Psalms calls it “hiding God’s Word in your heart.” Tuck God’s Word in your memory for instant recall when you need it! It comes with great promise!

I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you. Psalm 119:11 (NLT)


This post is thirty-sixth in a series as a Practical Starter Guide for Inductive Bible Study.

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1. I recall memorizing a Bible verse when I was a little girl. I made up a song to it and it has stuck with me to this day. Can you recall one of the first verses you memorized? Or a favorite? What memory is associated with that for you?

2. Has a verse ever helped you in a certain circumstance? How did it help? Is it memorized or would it be a good one for you to commit to memory?

3. In what circumstance might you not have your Bible on hand but a memorized verse would be useful?

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