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Soup to Nuts: Topical Bible Dictionaries

Big Idea: Explore Bible Dictionaries available by topics which are in particular for people, places, cultures and Biblical words.

This series is about Bible study tools. There are many types of Bibles and helpful resources like a concordance or Bible dictionary. Information about their book and their electronic version are included. Cost and “how to use” will be addressed.

Soup to Nuts

Working as a nurse in New York City, a snack shop near the hospital was called “Soup to Nuts.”

The phrase originated referring to a classy full-course meal starting with soup and ending with fruit, cheese and nuts.

Bible Dictionaries run the full gamut of subjects listing every imaginable item in the Bible.

There are numerous topics, but the largest categories are about people, places, culture in Bible times and Biblical words used. 

Often people and places are combined. Next week we will look at Bible Dictionary Series that are topical from various publishers. 

Bible Word dictionaries for theological words and original languages will be coming up too.

A quick note on Publishers

A number of Bible tools are published by a group or team of authors, or a featured Bible writer. Knowing the publisher can give an idea of the reliability in tune with what you and your church believe.  I tend to lean on the following publishers. 

Bible believing conservative publishing houses with excellent materials which are easy to use include:

Bible Dictionaries of People


As a woman I have made great use of the Dictionaries about the women of the Bible.

My father owned the classic All of the Women of the Bible by Herbert Lockyer. It gave me great interest as a young girl.   Amazon (currently $15)   CBD (currently $13.49)

All the Women of the Bible by Edith Deen   Amazon (currently $15)   CBD (currently $13)


Herbert Lockyer wrote All the Men of the Bible.     Amazon (currently $16.61)   CBD (currently $22.41)
A compilation of both of Lockyer’s books All the Men… and All the Women is available in one book. Amazon (currently $17)   CBD (currently $18)

He also wrote All the Prayers of the Bible and All the Promises of the Bible, All the Miracles of the Bible, All the Parables of the Bible, etc. some of which are available in one volume or set. 

All the People in the Bible: An A-Z Guide to the Saints, Scoundrels, and Other Characters in Scripture, Richard Losch. Amazon (currently $35)   CBD (currently $43.65)

Best Value: Who’s who in the Bible Made Easy by Rose Publishing, Amazon (currently $7)   CBD (currently $5.49)

Bible Dictionary of People and Places

There are few dictionaries of just places in the Bible but quite a number with people and places together.

The Most Significant People, Places and Events in the Bible by Christopher Hudson (Zondervan) is easy to use and very useful. Amazon (currently $14.48)   CBD (currently $11)

Who’s Who and Where’s Where in the Bible by Stephen Miller (Barbour) is an excellent easy to use Dictionary. Amazon (currently $31)   

The Oxford Guide to People and Places of the Bible is a more academic but solid reliable work by the solid theologian, Bruce Metzger. Amazon (currently $25)   

The Word of God always comes first!

There are many great Bible tools around! Just be sure studying them does not replace the primary importance of the Bible! The Word of God always comes first!


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