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Soup to Nuts II: Bible Dictionary Series

Big Idea: Helpful Bible Dictionary SERIES available from several excellent publishers.

This series is about Bible study tools. There are many types of Bibles and helpful resources like a concordance or Bible dictionary. Information about their book and their electronic version are included. Cost and “how to use” will be addressed.

Soup to Nuts II

Bible Dictionaries are very helpful tools for those who want to better understand the Bible.

Several well known Christian Publishers have put together a series of them. Most are affordable as a single book and you can buy one or two or the whole set. Most are available as hardbook, paperback and kindle.

Many Bible tools are available if you know where to look!


The Essential Bible Companion Series. Very colorful books with lots of maps and charts. All written since 2009 by well known scholars. All 6 bundled by Amazon on the kindle for $55.94

· The Essential Bible Companion: Key Insights for Reading God's Word
· The Essential Bible Companion to the Psalms: Key Insights for Reading God’s Word
· Zondervan Essential Atlas of the Bible
· The Essential Companion to Life in Bible Times: Key Insights for Reading God's Word
· The Essential Bible Dictionary: Key Insights for Reading God's Word
· Zondervan Essential Companion to Christian History

Thomas Nelson

 A to Z Series. These 8 books are useful dictionaries, and other types of Bible tools. Easy for a novice to use and also for the seasoned Bible reader. Currently available as a kindle set for $75.44

· Where to Find It In The Bible (Topical index)
· I Never Knew That Was in the Bible (Common expressions and curious words)
· Find it Fast in the Bible (Chapter and Verse locations of key expressions in the Bible)
· So That’s What it Means! The Ultimate A-Z (Contextuali
zed definitions of technical Bible terms)
· The A-Z Guide to the Catholic Faith
· Find What You Believe (People places, theological concepts and biblical principles)
· All the Names in the Bible
· What does the Bible Say About… (Many modern subjects have applical Bible passages given)

Holman Bible Publishers

Ultimate Guide Series. These 7 books have extremely helpful about the big picture of the Bible, key terms, Bible times, an Atlas, etc. All published since 2018. Kindle price for the full series $39.51.

· Ultimate Bible Guide: A Complete Walk-through of all 66 Books of the Bible/Photos Maps Charts Timelines
· Ultimate Guide to Jesus: A Visual Retelling of the Life of Jesus
· Ultimate Bible Dictionary: A Quick and Concise Guide to the People, Places, Objects and Events in the Bible
· Ultimate Guide to Defend Your Faith: A Complete Walk Through of All 66 Books of the Bible/Photos/Maps/Charts/Timelines.
· Ultimate Bible Atlas: Hundreds of Full-Color Photos, Maps, Charts and Reconstructions of the Bible Lands.
· Ultimate Guide to the Holy Land: Hundreds of Full-Color Photos, Maps, Charts, and Reconstructions of the Bible Lands.
· Ultimate Guide to Heaven and Hell.

InterVarsity Press Academic 

The IVP Bible Dictionary Series. This 8 Dictionary Series is a celebrated scholarly work of the Bible. Each Volume is around 1000 pages and expensive ranging from $40-80 at Amazon. It is for the serious student of the Bible, pastors and teachers. Published between 1998 to 2024.

· Dictionary of the Old Testament: Pentateuch
· Dictionary of the Old Testament: Historical Books
· Dictionary of the Old Testament: Wisdom, Poetry & Writings
· Dictionary of the Old Testament: Prophets
· Dictionary of the New Testament Background
· Dictionary of Jesus and the Gospels
· Dictionary of Paul and His Letters: A Compendium of Contemporary Biblical Scholarship
· Dictionary of the Later New Testament and its Developments

The Word of God always comes first!

There are many great Bible tools around! Just be sure studying them does not replace the primary importance of the Bible! The Word of God always comes first!


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Meditate today on these verses from the book of Proverbs:

Instruct the wise, and they will be even wiser. Teach the righteous, and they will learn even more.
Fear of the Lord is the foundation of wisdom. Knowledge of the Holy One results in good judgment. Wisdom will multiply your days. Proverbs 9:9-10 NLT

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