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Big Idea: Our breath is from God, and taking deep breaths is useful to keep us healthy.

Deep Breaths

When I worked in West Africa, I got sick. I don’t even recall what ailed me. However it was perplexing enough that I consulted with German Aid doctors in the region for medical advice.

“Diane, breathe,” the woman said to me. “I’ve been watching you as long as I’ve known you. You don’t know how to breathe.”

“I breathe,” I retorted. “How else would I keep living?”

“No, like this,” she sucked in a deep breath. “Deep breaths. You need to get air into your lungs.”

God’s breath in me

From the very beginning at Creation, God breathed the breath of life into human beings (Genesis 2:7) and all living creatures.

For the Spirit of God made me, and breath of the Almighty gives me life. Job 33:4 NLT

As a nursing student, the hardest dying patient to care for was at the end stage of emphysema. Each breath was difficult, and each breath was smaller and smaller. It was painful to watch.

Thanks to my German doctor friend, I have become more aware of my need to take deep breaths and get air deep into my lungs.

For our health

Breathing is an essential part of life. We want to live healthy, physically and emotionally.

20 years ago when I needed chemo, stress busting measures were introduced to me. A basic component of that was slow deep breathing.

Take a deep breath. Hold it. Let it out slowly, breathing out stress, pain, anxiety. Letting go.

I love how the Bible version called the Message presents Psalm 34:1-2a
I bless God every chance I get; my lungs expand with His praise. I live and breathe God. Psalm 34:1-2a MSG

Key Word in Scripture

The word for breath and breathe is powerful in both the Hebrew and the Greek languages of the Bible. The Hebrew word of the Old Testament, ruakh refers not only to breath but to wind, and the work of the Holy Spirit.

The Greek word for breath and Spirit in the New Testament, is pno-ay and is where we get the word pneumonia which has to do with the lungs. It describes the breathing puff of air and the ferocious wind.

Breathing is a powerful image in the Bible for the work of the Holy Spirit. ‘

Take-a-ways on breathing

1. Relax. Use deep breathing to focus on God and trust Him.

2. Remember the source. God has created you and given you the breath of life. Praise Him.

3. Holy Spirit in me. As you think about breathing, breathe in the Spirit of God into your life, and breathe out confession of your frailties and sins. Breathe in God’s help to live for Him.

He Himself gives life and breath to everything and He satisfies every need. Acts 17:25 NLT


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