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IBS-50 Find the Application: Learn from Good Examples-3

Big Idea: We can apply the Bible to our life studying the good examples in the Bible.

Learn from Good Examples

Most of us have heard a list or two of the funny things little kids say to explain Bible characters such as these:

Who was Noah’s wife?  Wasn't it Joan of Arc?

There are a lot of people mentioned in the Bible. Some are mentioned only once in a genealogy list. Others are major players in the stories of God at work in the world and mentioned through much of the Bible. 

What we can learn through these Biblical stories.

1. We can learn from less than perfect people. 

 The people in Bible stories are just like us, living in a different time and place. They most likely have some not so good qualities they struggle with but many grow as they learn to follow God. We shouldn’t feel we don’t measure up to the Saints who’ve gone before us. We are in the midst of the process getting to know God better and learning to be more like Him. We can learn from many role models in Scripture.

2. Make a Bible Character study chart

Make two columns with a line down the middle of your page. Write Good Examples/Bad Examples.  Candidly look at where they do well and also where they could grow in their life.

3. What is said in the rest of the Bible

If you have time look at what the rest if the Bible has to say about them. You can find this in a concordance, or using the search feature on an online Bible. Some Old Testament characters are explained or praised in the New Testament (especially in Hebrews 11).

4. Review what you've discovered

Look over your good example list and think about what you have learned so far, What do they model exceptionally well? Examples: Prayer. Trust in God. Giving praise. Courage in danger. Strength against despair.

5. Doing life

There is a “Then” and “Now” aspect of reality. How can you learn from someone born into such a different life than yours? But that is the trick. Consider basic characteristics, attitudes or actions that might be a model to you. Human nature is human nature transcending time and place. Seek to see what you have in common.

6. Heroes and Role Models

We pass through different seasons of life. Ask yourself what kind of example you need for this period? Who inspires you? Who gives you inner strength in the midst of trials, illness or parenting problems? There are so many questions you could ask. What are they coping with/dealing with? Why do they respond as they do? How do they put their trust in God and move forward?


This post is fiftieth in a series as a Practical Starter Guide for Inductive Bible Study.

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1.What character traits would you look up to in a Bible character? What qualities do you need to look at this season in your life?

2. For practice, think of a man or woman in the Bible you admire. Find a passage that talks about their life. Use the steps mentioned to think through how they are an example for you.

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