Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Have Problems with the Bible?

The big idea: A response to reasons people give to disregard the Bible.

Why should I read the Bible?

Many find reading the Bible tough. People unfamiliar with it find it challenging for various reasons. Some believers also find a lack desire to read it or questions of its reliability. Recognize any of these?

  • Isn't it full of errors?
  • It's so old! It doesn't seem relevant today
  • I'm not interested in religion
  • It's boring
  • It's mysterious
  • I'm too busy

Let's take a look at these.

1. Isn't it full of errors?

Actually the Bible is very accurate. Doubt of accuracy stems from certain scholars who assume God is not real. They explain its inaccuracy due to its age, wide variety of authors/eras explaining it’s supposed in accuracy at great length. In reality the Bible which was written and recopied had so many checks and balances, the more recently discovered copies (The Dead Sea Scrolls) are remarkably accurate. Recent archeological finds and historical revelations prove more and more accuracy. Check out Ken Boa's helpful article. 

2. It's so old! It doesn't seem relevant today.

The Bible written hundreds of centuries ago to an ancient audience and setting was unlike our world. Scholars find it valuable for historical records and culture. Despite the ancient setting, themes, life lessons, principles and revelation about God, His desire to rescue us and be our friend crosses the ages. It helps to study cultural written periods to understand the intended message, but it is not limited by that. You may find one of my previous blogs helpful on 5 Steps to finding Biblical Timeless Truths.  Read the Bible seeking what you can learn about God and man.

3. I'm not interested in religion.

The book has been a best seller for centuries for both its stories and guidelines for life. Many historical figures many people already know such as David and Bathsheba. The central figure, Jesus, has been hailed by many world leaders and writers as the most influential person ever to walk the earth. You owe it to yourself to explore what the hype is about. The story contained therein is about more than religion.

4. It's boring.

There have been so many movies made about Biblical stories. There is a lot of action in many of the narrative accounts. If you read a very old version of the Bible, it may be clumsy reading for your mind. Try a more modern translation such as the New Living Translation.

5. It's mysterious.

Yes it is. The Bible is brilliant because of simplicity that children can understand, and complexities that challenge Christians who can discover a multitude of applications to a single verse. I have loved a verse from childhood, bringing truth and comfort to me in a fresh new way during various stages of my life. That is the magnificence of the Holy Spirit. We don't understand every detail, but then, we are not God. The first step of comprehension is trust.

The wisdom we speak of is the mystery of God—his plan that was previously hidden, even though he made it for our ultimate glory before the world began. 1 Corinthians 2:7

6. I'm too busy.

In the complex era in which we live, life pulls us many directions. Even so, the Bible is more accessible to us now than in any previous era. One can listen to an audio Bible online, or watch a video with word for word narration of the Bible. One can read it in most any language or translation online. Reading one verse a day is how I got started. If you cannot do that, the issue is clearly that you choose not to.

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1. What do you think of the Bible? What has shaped your understanding or lack of interest in it?

2. On a scale of 1-10 how much do you have interest in the Bible? What one thought do you think is a good point that might nudge you toward giving it more honor?


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