Wednesday, April 14, 2021

My 5 Favorite Bible Apps


The Big Idea: Many use YouVersion Bible App but are unaware of some great features of other Bible Apps.

 Most likely you already know about at least one of these great online Bibles and Bible Apps. Let me introduce you to the ones I go to the most quickly. Clearly they each have their strengths for different situations. On a basic level they are all free. Some have a "Plus" plan you pay for which includes a lot more resources and features. A couple have devotional reading plans. Several are in multiple languages. Take some time to explore each one and get to know what they have to offer for free! There is nothing like a paper Bible in your hand. But having a Bible available everywhere you have your phone, or looking up a Bible dictionary anywhere is quite a tool available, unique to our era. 

Get into God's Word today! - Simply the Bible and suggested ways to get into the Bible. More than 200 versions and 70 languages. Partners with many publishing houses and organizations. - Numerous translations and languages for the Bible as well as many online resources, sermons, dictionaries. Love it for serious study of the Word. Produced by Online Parallel Bible Project. - English based resource with 27 transtlations and a lot of resources for in-depth Bible study (commentaries, dictionaries, etc).  Part of the Salem Web Network - home for YouVersion Bible App.  As of today it has 2,376 Versions in 1,640 languages. Simple interface. Devotional plans, etc.   Assembled by Life.Church - Great resources on the Bible and questions about the Bible.  All studies follow the New English Translation Excellent if you have questions to explore their articles.

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1. Have you found a Bible app you appreciate? Which one? Why do you like it?

2. Can you think of another use for using a Bible app? Could you incorporate that into your life this week? 

3. Do you have a friend who could benefit from the other languages on a Bible app? Imagine the many translations available on YouVersion!

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