Wednesday, July 8, 2020

My Top Five Favorite Places for Bible Study

The Big Idea: 5 suggestions for a fresh place to study the Bible. Different spots are useful for different times.

When life is chaotic, how do you find a quiet moment to study the Bible and focus? I am a mom with grown children so my life is less interrupted than a mom with little kids. Working men and women have their own challenge to find quiet time to study the Bible.

It is hardest, I think, for the mind to wander. Distractions. Stray thoughts. So many things in our head whispering for attention. Other times, even a blinking LED light can distract our attention from the Word.

So where are my favorite places to dig in to God's Word with minimized distraction?


I enjoy sitting in a swivel chair in the living room. If I want to concentrate on the Word, or on a lesson, I turn the chair completely around with my back to the room. It is a message to my husband - do not interrupt. Serious business is being done. It reminds me, too, that I am cloistering for a reason. I can hear conversations in the background and the phone rings. But I tune all that out, because I am turned around for a purpose. If you don't have a swivel chair you could turn a chair around to face a corner or a wall.

This location seems best for my longer, meaty studies.


I have fond memories of meeting God under a tree. If there is a spot with running water like a brook, or sea waves, in the background, even better!  A retreat lends itself to time studying the Word. Find a picnic table or a spot by the lake for study!

Even at home, consider the front or back porch, or under a tree. Some yards in suburbia are not conducive to that. Perhaps you could go to a park. Walk for exercise. Bring the kids to the playground. Then take your Bible out, or your phone eBible and stop under a tree, at a bench, or some other spot.  Dwell on the Word for a bit. The fresh environment might bring a fresh thought of the Word. God's nature inspires me at times like this. God speaks to my heart as I watch the ant at work, hear the birds, or even watch kids interacting together in the distance. God's Word becomes animated with illustration before my very eyes.

This location seems best for meditation on a passage or chewing on a memory verse.


When on vacation we like to find old cathedrals or famous churches. My husband and I will split up for a little while and explore on our own. At times, prayer in an empty pew is what I need. I might check out a passage on my eBible, or review a memorized passage. Other times I will see a verse on the wall or a piece of art and meditate on it.

This location seems best for me when on vacation.


I have gone to a church on an off day and brought my devotional journal and Bible. It might be for and extended personal retreat time. It might be when I stay after a church event to be still with God. It might be just to spend time in an environment conducive to meeting with God. 

Depending on the church you may need to clear it with the pastor or church secretary so they know you are there. Your familiar pew or seat in the empty church might be the best place for you. Perhaps a children's classroom might be your special place to meet God. Try it. Sometimes it might not work, but other times you may find a powerful time of purpose with God.

This location seems best for me for a retreat time.


My first year in college I was introduced to the Advent candle at the church I attended. My adopted family for the year used it for Sunday dinner devotions during the month of Advent. When I went as a missionary to Africa, I carried on my personal tradition of the Advent wreath. Our electricity went out every day at 10 pm, and it happened during my evening devotions one night. I discovered using the candles for my devotional time was powerful. I spent a lot of those days thinking of God as light sending light into the world. Also thinking about the flame in my heart for God.

Since those days, I have found it very special to have devotions by candlelight during advent with favorite instrumental Christmas carols in the background. We have had family devotions around the advent candles too.

I have never used a lit candle for other devotional time. But why couldn't I? How about weekly during Lent? Could I use it when I wish to spend some quality time in scripture and prayer? It truly helps me focus and find calm.

This location is best for me for preparing my heart before God and focusing on him.


OK, this is one for my husband. He has a small antique roll top desk with Bible resources on it. For him, sitting at this desk, dedicated to Bible study, is a way for him to focus. He does serious study with all his Bible helps here. It is for him what my swivel chair is for me.

I hope you have gotten some fresh new ideas. Just like a married couple needs to come up with new, fresh ways to spend time together, so we need new, fresh ways to focus on God and relish time with Him.

Invest in spending time with God. Enjoy Him! He is worthy of it!

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