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Ten BibleProject Tips: Get the most out of BibleProject

Big Idea: Ten tips to get the most out of the massive BibleProject resources.

Getting The Most out of The BibleProject

Our mission is to help people experience the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus. 
The BibleProject

The BibleProject creates beautiful videos and posters for understanding the Bible better. They have podcasts, classes and articles; all very well done and of practical use.

You've probably seen the informative videos. There’s a lot more! All are available on YouTube too! Here are some tips toward making use of them.

1. Become familiar with videos by category.

Their baseline videos introduce every book of the Bible, telling the culture, theme, shape and main message. The final picture is available as a PDF that you can download for free.

Other categories are the How-To-Read-The-Bible series, Themes, Biblical word videos, and some called visual commentaries. Explore these by list. Try one out. Most are only 5-7 minutes long.

2. How-To-Read-The-Bible series: both basic and deep videos

This series is not just for a junior higher or a brand new Christian wondering what to do with the book. The first couple videos help the most basic need.

But various literary styles are treated such as poetry and apocalyptic literature, giving tips as to how to read them.

Check the list out here.

3. Pair the Book Introduction video with Bible Reading

BibleProject reading plans intersperse introductory videos with the reading of the corresponding book of the Bible.

Whether you are leading a Bible study or personally reading through a book of the Bible, taking time to watch the introductory video is useful.

4. Print/download PDF poster accompanying the Book video

The final sketch of each introductory book video becomes a PDF poster. It can be downloaded at their website for free and printed off. It is legal sized but can also fit on a regular 8”x11.5” paper.

Fold it and keep it in your Bible while you are studying the book, referring to it.

Book of Ephesians Sketched

5. Try one of their Bible Reading plans (30+)

Our church has encouraged the whole church to follow a BibleProject reading plan at YouVersion through the year. There are 365 day plans and much shorter plans. Check them out here.

6. Download the BibleProject App: videos and podcasts you can use anywhere

Like the website the app has all the videos, podcasts, articles and classes on it. You can download anything to your device and listen offline. A friend of mind listens to the podcasts while she rakes leaves, washes dishes, and drives the kids on errands around town. She’s listened to them all.

7. Practice Skill Studies on the App

The BibleProject App is not equal to the website. The website has some additional material like video scripts. But the app has something special. 

A Skill Studies section under the title “Explore” is at the bottom of the app. Some of it is almost like a game where you collect links to themes, and take quizzes when you’ve finished a section.

It has 3 categories: Pattern, Style and Structure. When you choose one they combine videos, recommended podcasts, articles, links and quizzes to walk you through a theme or section of the Bible.

8. Find podcasts by series

There are over 400 podcasts (most over an hour long) that cover books of the Bible, themes, Q&A from listeners, and all manner of questions about the Bible.

If you jump in now, you can subscribe to the one that comes out each week on a podcast app. You could use the search feature for a specific subject.

Or you can go to the podcasts by series and see what interests you. There are over 10 podcasts for each book of Moses, for instance. There are podcasts for themes, like the Character of God.

9. Take a Bible class for free

Tim Mackie, one of the founders of BibleProject, has a PhD in Semitic Languages and Biblical Studies. He is a seminary professor at Western Seminary and loves preaching. He has several 15 hour Bible Classes free online. There are a couple other well qualified teachers as well.

10. Recommend a video in another language (55+)

Imagine having a friend who is an immigrant, or a pen pal by email, somewhere in the world. They may have questions about the Bible and you can now refer them to a BibleProject video in their own language!

On the website, under the Resources tab, is the category Localization. This is where you start for finding which videos have been translated. Some have more translated so far than others because of the need for translators.

This series is about Bible study tools. There are many types of Bibles and helpful resources like a concordance or Bible dictionary. Information about their book and their electronic version are included. Cost and “how to use” is addressed.


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1. If you have seen a BibleProject video before, what was your impression? Did you learn something new from it? 

2. Look over the theme videos and choose one to watch. Ask God to to give you insight. Reflect on what speaks to you through it.   Theme video link